A note to our BSAS family re: COVID-19

If you know anything about Joy and BSAS then you will know that we don't do negativity and Joy is a stranger to panic. We run a specialist Sanctuary, we have a lot of dogs, our dogs have wide ranging and very intense issues; we took them in and this is their home. They need love, comfort, care and food and the outside world means nothing to them as long as they get all of that...and the occasional treat.

We are all facing an unprecedented situation that no one could plan or prepare for, we are all facing uncertain times and things are going to be hard for us...you know they are because they are going to be hard for you too. Yes it's a scary time for rescues and sanctuaries, yes it's been very difficult to get enough food in, yes we've had to make sure that we have enough meds and creams and potions for those that need it, yes we've had to stockpile and take measures we never dreamt we would have to take and yes it's all very worrisome to say the least but we have a lot of lives in our hands, they are our number one priority and we can't afford to drop the ball. However, the silver lining is that we are masters of adaption because of the nature of our 'difficult' dogs so adapting to ever changing situations is second nature to us and for now we've got this and them.

Of course the most worrying thing is if Joy or any of the team get ill but we are doing all we can to keep her and everyone else well and working under the premise of taking things day by day as we are sure you are too. Joy and the team are following all the advice from local authorities and the government and we are locked down, locked tight and sealed in a bubble of cleanliness. 

Revenue is a problem obviously, the larger charities have already reported a 40% drop so you can imagine what it's mean't for us small ones. But we have our self funding arm; The Rehab Centre and that just about scrapes us through. We can't guarantee anything in these uncertain times but be assured our dogs will never want for anything as long as we have breath in our bodies.
We will continue to follow all advice and monitor the situation carefully but apart from that we will carry on as normal in our usual optimistic way and we hope that you will continue to support us and the animals in our care. 

Stay safe everyone, follow the 'official' advice and take care of you and yours and your community....together we will come through this stronger <3

All our love,
Joy, Sam, Dave, Jade, Shannon, Charis, Gem, Charlie, Matt, Maj and Emma <3