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The Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary


From Bait To Beaut: Our Gentleman Beau

The Beautiful Mr Beau was saved from being put to sleep and arrived at the sanctuary at the beginning of March last year. He was a suspected bait dog who had taken many knocks to his head, his body is covered in scars and he has a badly docked tail. It was clear he came from cruelty and he had been passed around a lot and unsurprisingly he was a bit of a mess when he came to us with his suitcase packed full of complex issues. He was extremely hyperactive and trying to take a picture of him was always nigh on impossible as he was like a worm on a major sugar rush whose idea of play was to run, jump and launch at you. He has calmed a lot in the of peace of the Sanctuary but has still retained his adorable wiggle. He now trusts his environment and knows he is safe and won't be hurt or abandoned again. His rehabilitation is ongoing and always will be but with steady work and great care he has really settled and come into his own; with no demands placed on him he is loving simply being a dog. He enjoys a good fuss and cuddle, he loves the sunshine, playing outside, running around the paddocks like a pup and generally chomping on anything plastic...paddling pools, watering cans and buckets are not safe in Beau's vicinity. We don't think he ever had toys before he came here and giving him a new one now is such a pleasure...his excitement literally melts your heart. His body is covered in the scars of his past but we hoped to be able to heal the scars on his heart by showering him in love and we think it worked. He is a true gentleman who knows he is home, that he is loved, that he is safe and he is happy....very happy. This is him saying goodnight to Joy last night....

Mr Beau chomps his way through toys at an alarming rate so he has put some on his wishlist in the hopes that someone may have a few pennies to spare to help him have fun this summer....skittles, beach toys, footballs and paddling pools are his greatest pleasure  Wishlist

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Gus Gets His Christmas Wish..

Thanks to some fundraising and two gifts from Secret Santa's, Gus got his new Bachelor Pad just in time for Christmas and he loves it! He is now safe in his little area right by the house and has direct access to the patio where he careers about on his wonky legs like the loony puppy he is. He is now monitored 24/7 via CCTV so if he has any seizures he is safe and has different textures on the ground so that he gets different feedback through his pads which will helps his co-ordination. You can read his back story and the reason for the new house here Gus Gives Us A Scare    Since his arrival he has flatly refused to use his bed, preferring straw on the floor but Joy has been giving him lessons on how comfy a bed can be and he's now got the gist of it and as you can see....he is learning to love it. I think he also has Joy wrapped around his paw!     So he wanted to say Thank You! to everyone who donated for his new house and sent him food from the WISHLIST he is now snug as a bug in a rug and twice as happy, sleeping peacefully tonight, waiting for Santa Paws, wrapped in the safety and love of the Sanctuary. Merry Christmas, wonky boy....we love you so xxxxx  

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Please visit our Amazon wishlist...with over 100 dogs, treats and toys are always an extra and are welcomed with very waggy tails!


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