And Quiet Celebrations from us!

Vivi has been out and about again this morning! This has been going on for a week or so now *grins* To those that don't know Vivi's story it may not seem much so lets give you a little painful potted history..

Vivi arrived at the sanctuary in June this year for some major rehabilitation and a permanent home with us. Vivi was very sadly the victim of horrific sexual abuse and sustained violence; the hell she came from is too disturbing to even recount and for her safety and the safety of her rescuers, her past will remain in the past. Suffice to say it is a miracle she survived but survive she did and she was saved by a dedicated group of angels who can never be thanked enough. Her physical injuries were repaired but her mental scars are deep and unbelievably painful, she was completely shut down and traumatised to the point that all she wanted to do was hide away from the world. She is terrified of everything, the outdoors, cars, people, being touched and defecates and urinates when approached especially by men understandably. Before she arrived, Joy and Dave worked quickly to create a special area for her in the house under the stairs where she could be quiet and alone whilst still being close to Joy and where there would be no danger of her even hearing a male voice. She immmediately went into hiding in her new den on arrival and she is one of the worst behaviourally effected dogs we have ever seen. Just watching her and imagining the hell she had suffered turned our insides out but Joy knew she could help her...

You can read her full story here Vivi's Story

And so here we are today...back to the baby steps and Vivi's brave first steps out and about during the day just to investigate, at her own pace and in her own time. Joy pretends that she is invisible (hence the quality of the pictures) and as long as Vivi thinks she is unnoticed she is gradually becoming braver with the help of the pack who all sense that she needs them. 


She has had different helpers on her journey to come out from under the stairs from little Gordon initially, then Alfred and Neggie and now Hock who is a very confident boy and helps her move about in front of Joy and she is slowly becoming a member of the pack and gaining confidence from them in order to feel safe enough to come out in the daylight rather than choosing to live a half life on the perimeter and only move about at night in the dark.


We have no idea how far Vivi will go but we are incredibly proud of the huge progress she has made in just a few months x

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