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Big Is Beautiful

Bow Out And About Today With Joy

On the 9th of May we introduced a new kid on the block, beautiful Bow. Bow is a 9 month old Caucasian Ovcharka puppy....yes puppy!

Jan Edwards of Hooches and Joy worked hard and long behind the scenes to negotiate this gorgeous lad being released to the Sanctuary as he was at risk of being put to sleep due to his bite history. Thanks to their persistence and determination he was fast tracked in here and is now safe, already loved and has settled very well. He is still finding himself as a puppy and has obviously had a lot of change and trauma in his short life but he is a cuddle-bug and loves being fussed. He's also starting to appreciate toys, bones and treats and, like Gus he quickly learned what his bed was for, once Joy got in there and physically showed him!

Our Big Puppy

A Vet Visit Needed

Once he had settled in and Joy had been able to complete her initial assessments she felt that some of his behavioural issues were due to pain and discomfort and she suspected that he had an emerging hip problem that would need investigating ASAP so he had a trip to the vets on the 22nd May. He was such a good lad and made us very proud but unfortunately it was confirmed that he probably did have hip dysplasia on both sides and he was booked in to have x-rays on the 30th.

As he would need to be anaesthetised for the x-rays and she intended to stay with him the whole time, Joy decided that she would take the opportunity to sort his coat out and clip him out totally so she went armed with her clippers and the intention of covering the practice floor in fluff which she did with the help of the amazing nurses. His coat was dreadfully matted underneath and some of the matting was so close to his skin on the back end it must have been very uncomfortable. Unfortunately it was confirmed that he does have dysplasia, the femur bone at the top is wider than it should be on both sides where the femur sits in the socket and the top of the bone on one side has some straight edges and is not rounded as it should be and this is the side he is slightly lame on at times. We also saw signs of untreated ear infections which we addressed and now his ears have both been thoroughly cleaned.

So we think that between his pulling fur, uncomfortable ears and the pain from his hips, it's totally justifiable that he was a tad grumpy from time to time! His treatment plan going forward is regular visits to the hydro pool with use of the hydro running machine to strengthen his muscles so they support his dysplasia/skeleton, short term pain killers and plenty of supplements which in combination should have him bounding about and back to the happy pup he should be in time and his future is looking a lot brighter as was he today, recovered from his big day out and playing with Joy......he must feel about 3 stone lighter without that coat!

Huge thanks to Terry Girling and the amazing staff at the Girling and Bowditch Vets for their amazing support and patience in accommodating us and looking after Bow so very well. And massive thanks also to Auntie Carol Knowles for all the clipper blades she purchased for us.

Bows treatment going forward is estimated at c800 and we will be actively fundraising to help us with this added but vital cost so do please keep supporting us and getting involved in our auctions and events on our dedicated Fundraising Group.

Any donations are as always very greatly appreciated. We could not do half of what we do without you. 

And of course being a Sanctuary boy and a big eater, Bow is on the look out for sponsors. 

Out For A Cool Walk Today With Joy Feeling The Air On His Skin
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