Update on the gorgeously handsome Mr Beau Jangles..

Mr Beau Jangles
The Beautiful Mr Beau who falls under Cathy Holding, was saved from being put to sleep and arrived at the sanctuary at the beginning of March. He was a suspected bait dog, he is battle scarred and has got some complex issues. Trying to take a picture of this boy is nigh on impossible as he is like a worm on a major sugar rush! However he has calmed a lot in the of peace at the Sanctuary over the last month and is now enjoying a good fuss and cuddle; so in our eyes he is doing great. His body is covered in the scars of his past but we hoped to be able to heal the scars on his heart by showering him in love and so far it's working. He loves his own toys for the first time it seems and having a play outside, yesterday he was out and about playing again with Sheralyn, lapping up the sunshine whilst chasing his ring toy around the place. He is enjoying affection and settling into himself even more and doing proper doggie play time like a true gentleman. He learned yesterday to swap a treat for his ring when he retrieved it which is great for Mr Beau whose idea of playing previously was run, jump and launch at you! So with steady work and great care he really is coming on great guns and with no demands placed on him; he is loving quite simply being a dog...

Beau Playtime 

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