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Where Angels Tread...Saving Gus...

Gus arrived with us yesterday from Spain, aided by a chain of angels. He is around 20 months old so no more than a pup really, his story is horrible and we will tell it just once here because from now on his life will be very different and he will never be scared or in pain again.

Gus is a Mastin, he was found at the side of a road by a Spanish lady, his first angel, Rocio Hughes; he had been severely beaten around the head. She took him home and straight to the vet. His head was a mass of deep wounds which were crawling with maggots.


Rocio contacted Angie Allen at Save A Mastin for help, his second angel and her and her partner, Brigitte Jaquillard immediately agreed and started fundraising to get his costs covered. He was emaciated, riddled with worms and eggs and had cuts over his neck, back and legs and multiple old fractures from previous abuse. He was admitted to the vet with large open wounds on the top of his head, he was severely dehydrated, weak and anaemic. He was immediately attached to a glucose drip, sedated and blood tested. They x-rayed his head which revealed he had a fractured skull and evidence of a previous fracture which had been left untreated. The wounds on his back and legs were cleaned and ointments applied. The wounds on his head were cleaned and dressed but left open at this stage. He returned to the vet on 3 more occasions for his wounds to be treated. He was prescribed antibiotics, anti inflammatories and painkillers. At that point they thought that Gus might lose an eye or be blind but the vet managed to save his sight and Rocio put him in an outbuilding, secured so that he couldn't walk around as he needed to be kept relatively still to heal. Angie found him a foster, Melinda Gibson, his third angel and Rocio drove him there herself. With Melinda he continued his treatment and began to put on weight.


Although his external wounds continued to heal he was so scared and left with so many internal scars that affected his behaviour that the vet recommended that he be put to sleep. This was something that Angie would not countenance and having met him she knew he was terrified but she also knew he could be saved and she knew someone he would have a chance with. So she contacted Joy here at the Sanctuary and asked if she would take him and of course she agreed. He was castrated, vaccinated, chipped and got his passport all ready to go and Paws On The Move, more angels very kindly donated his transport. He travelled to the Animal Hotel to get ready for his trip across the ocean and Antionette said

"What a charmer your mr wonky head is, affectionate term Angie. The staff love him but I see such sadness and haunting in his eyes, I understand why he is going to a special place now, I pray he will find peace among those who will love him for just being him."

And yesterday we are happy to say, he arrived..confused and exhausted but home..


Joy put him into a small kennel to acclimatise and he ate his evening meal and allowed her to put him a coat on, it's a bit chillier in Dorset than it was in Spain! He was calm and relaxed and eventually crashed out on his duvets and this is how Joy found him this morning....seems he's not used to comfort (yet) and didn't connect with the bedding being for him so preferred the floor.


Today she moved him into a heated space in the barn where it's a lot warmer and he can be more comfortable with extra deep sawdust to sleep on if he chooses the floor again and duvets in his bed to help with his pressure point damage. He was happy and waggy and quietly taking everything in..

So now he's home what does he need? Whilst in Spain, Angie and Melinda attempted to get him an MRI because he has a large indentation on his head that they felt needed more investigation. Unfortunately they were unable to find a vet with a working scanner. He has suffered significant head trauma through repeated beatings but does not appear to have anything pressing on his brain and his eyes react well to light so Joy will investigate this further with her vet and make the decision then. Although he is a cuddly boy, he is reported to react without warning and apparently for no reason and he's terrified of pieces of wood so he will need careful assessment from Joy, lots of gentle rehab and buckets and buckets of love. So for now we would just like some help with food, he is still underweight and he's a webbox boy like Khan and needs 4 a day which can be purchased from our WISHLIST and sent direct....all donations would be very gratefully received for this special boy. He is also looking for sponsors to help with his costs.

Welcome home lovely lad, we look forward to seeing you become the happy, confident boy you were meant to be before evil touched you. No more suffering, fear or pain...thanks to Angie and the many angels who stood up for you, you are now tucked tightly into the heart of the sanctuary and have already stolen ours x


Gus Wobbled In And Stole Our Hearts..
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