"Danny, I love this lad, he is one of the most difficult cases we are likely to see but I adore his bravery, big heart and soul. Joy x."

Joy Danny

What are we about other than the obvious? We are a sanctuary, providing forever homes and cherishing animals right through their lives and into their twilight years but we are also the home of the Nobody Dogs. Dogs that somebody had but nobody loved. Dogs that instead of being loved, have been neglected, treated with scorn, subjected to pure evil by those who were meant to care for them. Dogs that have become what has been done to them, what humans have made them; nobodies....frightened, alone, broken and hopeless. When I step out into the sanctuary I see the street dogs, the ex bait dogs, the shut down and traumatised dogs, the reactives and aggressives…tools they reluctantly develop to cope with the lives humans gave them…but over time they DO heal, they DO trust again. Dogs have the most amazing ability to recover but it takes time, a safe house, a home and all the affection that comes with it and together as the sanctuary family we can provide that and make it possible. When a dog comes in you can be sure it breaks your heart, the sadness and scars of the past are painfully apparent but as each day goes by the deadened or scared eyes brighten up a little, the cowering stance straightens up with glimmers of courage, the hiding turns slowly to inquisitiveness again and that is what puts my heart back together enough to keep doing what I am doing, to welcome the next broken soul. I'm not classed as a rescue but I am a rescuer and that is the other side of our sanctuary; a side I rarely speak about….. Several months ago after working in the background and cross posting and networking, I decided there was a huge gap, dogs needed somewhere to recover. The poundies and the failed rescue dogs needed another voice, another OPTION and choice to be able to live and not be put to sleep. To be able to go into a home, some for the first time, some to start over and this is where the idea for the SOS Havens was born. Havens to give a place of safety, a place where whatever their reactions they are safe. A place where whatever their issues they are given time, time to link in and to enable them to face the world again but a new world under the protection of their rescues with lifetime RBU after REHAB. There are few dogs that can’t be re-homed in time, there are some that could be but are safer due to their strength or issues to not go back into a domestic environment simply because THEIR safety can’t be guaranteed and there are MANY that can safely move into foster after rehab and continue their journey to their forever sofa but most of these dogs are beyond the remit of normal rescues and sadly many of these dogs are put to sleep before they get the chance to mend. The SOS HAVENS are the last voice for these guys, the last chance, the final hope. I have the space, I have the ability and passion but in order for me to keep saving these souls we need to improve our current housing, build more havens and SHOUT LOUDER for these dogs and show the world humans can undo what others have done to them. I want to help them, I want to install faith in them and glue them all back together with love and care until they are whole again but I can't do it without your help and support. So please join the SOS BIG BUILD and speak up with us for the Nobody's to help them on their journey to be SOMEBODY'S companion.

one by one

Joy xxx

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