"If you have received love from an animal in your life then you are very lucky. Give back a little to this fantastic charity and see what YOU can do to make a huge difference. Love, shelter, healthcare and food. What an amazing gift you can give. Do it today. Thank you so much."

The Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary

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The Unseen Heartbeat Of Front Line Rescue


A few nights ago it took a team of 6 of us to save a dog. He was massively at risk and would be put to sleep the following day if we could not secure him. We scrabbled about for a lifeline, watching the clock as the minutes ticked down relentlessly fast. The team had to be trusted people that will put everything on the line for a dog; we were desperate, we needed transport and a safe house for the night. He had been sold in a town, dumped like rubbish by the new owner but he got his first lucky break and was sheltered by a lady with a heart of gold. The stress of doing this is unbelievable your heart is in your throat, every nerve ending on fire, This is the side of The Sanctuary no one sees, me chain smoking, clock watching, stressing…but having the ability to link in with some amazing people to make a difference. You work constantly, your brain on overdrive as the time marches on and you know that as every minute passes he is a minute closer to being lost. And just as you lose hope and think you can’t save him another person joins the team and throws a lifeline…a stable for the night, then an amazing person is able to transport him and is due to collect him within a few hours. That's when you want the time to speed up, that's when you want the minutes to be gone...for when he is collected…when he is safe. Slowly it comes together as another person finds him safe emergency boarding, his path to safety becomes clear and you start to let yourself believe. The minute that that dog left that house last night I could have cried, you know then as a team you have done it...he is safe.
That boy arrived into his EB. He is underweight and scabby, he has diarrhoea, and when you lift his paws you see the scars from cigarette burns and that’s when your heart contracts.. you envisage, imagine and live the cruelty; you know what he has endured and you know he was worth it. We saved him as a team but to get him transport, and to get him into EB for a week costs money and I spent £55 yesterday of the sanctuary's donations...donations that you made…£55 for a life that I knew you would want me to spend. I can't post a picture of that actual boy as he would be at risk again like so many of my animals that you never see.
This is not about me or the team….its about what your donations can do…YOU DID THAT, YOU SAVED HIM………so that broken boy who carries the scars on his feet of his previous life, today thanks you for his new one. That's what you did today. Joy x


Joy posted this a few weeks ago but it's a regular pattern for her, she saves, secures and silently absorbs dogs into the sanctuary that she cannot post to Facebook and cannot fund raise for. Someone asked me yesterday if Joy had "any emergency cases needing funds?" My answer to that is, Joy has more emergency cases than most I know and I know many, but she can't always post, highlight, talk about them because of legal reasons or because to do so would jeopardise thier safety and at times her own. She is on the front line of rescue, the dogs she takes are not cute and cuddly and able to be re-homed with a big splash of congratulations and an adoption fee to keep her afloat. She does not get patted on the back and lauded because she successfully saved and re-homed a certain number of dogs over a certain number of days but it does not mean she is not saving lives. What Joy does is heroic, most of us would be terrified to be faced with what she takes in her stride on a daily basis; I've seen the bites and bruises she never posts about and I've listened to her heartache and angst when she has to make decisions that would fell you and I. So please don't turn away because you don't see the big flashy headlines....what Joy does is the mostly unseen, often secret work which catches the souls who literally hang on the edge between life and death.

Please help her to keep helping the at risk dogs and those that nobody else wants and donate today so we can build more havens to shelter those who have nowhere else to go...


One By One Until There Are None x

Vivi's Story...Because Every Life Matters..
Bish, Bash, Beau!

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