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Gus Gets His Christmas Wish..

Thanks to some fundraising and two gifts from Secret Santa's, Gus got his new Bachelor Pad just in time for Christmas and he loves it! He is now safe in his little area right by the house and has direct access to the patio where he careers about on his wonky legs like the loony puppy he is. He is now monitored 24/7 via CCTV so if he has any seizures he is safe and has different textures on the ground so that he gets different feedback through his pads which will helps his co-ordination. You can read his back story and the reason for the new house here Gus Gives Us A Scare    Since his arrival he has flatly refused to use his bed, preferring straw on the floor but Joy has been giving him lessons on how comfy a bed can be and he's now got the gist of it and as you can see....he is learning to love it. I think he also has Joy wrapped around his paw!     So he wanted to say Thank You! to everyone who donated for his new house and sent him food from the WISHLIST he is now snug as a bug in a rug and twice as happy, sleeping peacefully tonight, waiting for Santa Paws, wrapped in the safety and love of the Sanctuary. Merry Christmas, wonky boy....we love you so xxxxx  

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Our Wonky Boy Gus Gives Us A Scare

Gus had a long and painful journey to get to us and endured beatings, starvation and lord knows what else but since arriving he has grown in strength and character and is showing his big puppy side, He is entranced by his new world and into absolutely everything, adores cuddles and fuss. He is so playful and loves lolloping around the play area on his wonky legs and generally hanging out being a daft pup. He has some problems due to his brain injury but had been doing really well until Friday when his behaviour changed and he very quickly became a different dog. He was growly, even more disorientated, especially in his back end, his eyes changed and he developed a twitch above his right eye. We suspect that he may be experiencing some seizure activity which given the scarring left on his brain by the vicious beatings would not be surprising and was always a possibility. We are waiting for his x-ray history to arrive from Spain so that our vet can work out what is going on before we put him through the trauma of a full MRI. He is fine and was back to normal the next day but he is now on our vulnerable list and needs to be close to the house and fully monitored with CCTV. So we are asking for help to fund him a new heated house which will be right next to Joy and give him free range of the garden which we will also set up with CCTV so that we can keep him safe. He just needs a big ole' house full of straw and duvets and to be able to mooch out into an area in the day time and he will like being near the main house because he'll see Joy and be able to watch the goings on in the yard. We can't mix him with other dogs because he is vulnerable given his brain function and the potential for him to have an 'off day' and he gets a bit lonely so this position in the Sanctuary will be perfect for him. We have begged and borrowed and costed the house and fencing out at £500 so not too bad but given the time of year and the pressures upon the Sanctuary we would really appreciate some help to monitor him and make sure this wonderful...

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