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We provide forever homes for domestic, farm and wildlife animals
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We have approximately 150 animals which includes over 100 dogs
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Happy Beginnings
At The Sanctuary there are no endings, just Happy New Beginnings.
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Our Dream Becomes Reality And All Because Of You
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The 'Nobody Dogs' and the sanctuary
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  • About Us
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  • Realising A Dream
  • From The Heart

Well where to start?! To say we have been busy is the understatement of the decade but all is good at Sanctuary HQ and we have made so much progress across the board so without further ado lets jump right in and see if we can make sense of the last few weeks with a quickfire catch up...settle down with a brew or may need it!

Rebuild News....

We have almost completed the main parts of the rebuild and all animals are re-housed, warm and comfy for the oncoming winter YAY! We still have bits to do and finish off but they are mostly exterior and can be finished as and when we have spare funds. 

The last big job was to build a new raised play area for the dogs. It may just look like a boring concrete square to you but to us and Destiny (pictured) it is pure unadulterated HEAVEN! This is the play area that we finished two weeks ago...previously it was a mud square which flooded every winter and especially this last and became unusable. As part of the rebuild, we extended it to four times its original size, raised it up 2 feet, slabbed it and made it totally secure for even the most reactive dogs. This means that even when there is mud everywhere else the dogs can spend time in a dry area, playing in the fresh air....See...Heaven!

Destiny Raised play

We posted a couple of weeks ago that we were building young Ben a new field shelter from the funds raised in our recent iPhone raffle....Ben is 36 years old and was rescued from gypsies 20 years ago. Rain stopped play on the Monday but a few days later this gorgeous hunk got his new crib (technically called Mobile field shelter on skids) and we think he approves. He did ask for carpet, SKY Sports and a beer fridge....we are still working on that! Ben would like to say massive thanks to all those that took part in the raffle and he encourages you not to miss out on the next one!

Bens Shelter

Doggie Doings.....who is out and who is in?

OUT: Beautiful Rena who came in for SOS Rehab under Boxer and Bully Saviours was fear reactive with humans and dogs and generally a very scared girl. She worked really hard with us and did extremely well with her rehab and improved enough to go out for foster under her rescue...well five minutes later her fosters failed...spectacularly! How happy does our gorgeous Rena look now she has found her forever home! This is apparently the moment her new Mum told her she was home...Forever. Good luck beautiful....we are so very proud of you and all you have achieved x 


"After months of rehab at the fantastic Birkett-Smith Sanctuary, Rena went into foster, and her fabulous fosters have decided to adopt her. Babs are beyond delighted after everything this girl has been through she has, like Cinderella, got her Happy ending."
Boxer and Bully Saviours. 

OUT: Snoopy was a total star in rehab and went out to foster last weekend which we have a feeling maybe a total failure *winks* watch this space. He's being as adorable as we always knew he could be and we think he just may have stolen his foster mum's heart already.....


IN: This is Rosa. She's a new girl on the block. She originally came over from Romania and the family that took her couldn't cope and there was no back up from the rescue that brought her over. She went into foster under the rescue that offered but they have not been able to get on top of her issues. She has come to us through Niall Lester and New Hope and as she needed a new house to come to us we appealed for funds and the lovely Rosa worked her charm and bagged herself a very, very kind donor who has paid for her little house entire. So this gorgeous girl will be tucked in with us very soon. We can't say whether she will be a permanent sanctuary dog or if in time we will be able to home her through one of our rescue partners, until we have had the opportunity to assess and work with her. For now she is safe and will be given all the time and peace she needs. With the help of you, our supporters we will always be here for the dogs that have no other options, where their issues do not allow them to be in a domestic environment. Huge thanks to her sponsor and we can't wait to meet you Rosa x


IN: This is Leon, sadly Leon has not had a good life...beaten and starved as a pup. He is 5 or 6 years old, he has been stuck in a re-homing rescue for most of his life and faced being put to sleep because his needs could not be met there any longer. Niall Lester of New Hope Animal Rescue approached Joy and BSAS as a last resort, knowing that Leon needed some very special care....what could we say other than yes? This lad needs love, kindness and rehab and if anyone can help him Joy can. Leon is understandably troubled and reactive at this point and needs his own house where he can be quiet and de-stress. Together with New Hope we raised the funds required to make him safe and build him a space. The only way is up now Little Leon x


IN: Here's a little girl who will soon be tucked in at the you can see she needs a some TLC and a big dollop of rehab....Meet Anna, great dane cross...she is highly reactive and was bouncing all over Facebook with no offers because of her issues. We don't write animals off because they have issues, we stand in thier corner and fight. So in she comes to us (currently safe in EB whilst her home is built). You will get all you need and more with us lovely Anna and we can't wait to welcome you x


General Gossip and Goings On...

Have a gander at these beauties! 10 lovely geesies came to live with us on the 9th as they lost their home and needed sanctuary. Geese are notoriously good guard dogs so we'll all be safe in our beds now *winks* welcome gang.


Hello from Harry! Harry is a gorgeous 6 year old spaniel who needed some work with multiple and complex issues. He is an energetic boy, yet very polite. Adores ball games, walks and generally being out and about but cannot be around children or cats. We surmounted some of his issues with rehab but Harry is Harry! He now has his forever home here with us where he is happiest and we are so happy to have him with us, always making us smile.


Ola from Lola! She was having too much fun to stop and pose but here she is in a fabulous action shot from one of our volunteers, Sandra. Lola had some issues that needed a space and rehab and we stepped in as RBU for her and she's doing great and really enjoying life. Go Lola!


Hello from Hunky Hugo! Hugo was rescued from a life on a chain, he went into rescue but didn't function too well so he came to live with us. He's been doing really, really well and is enjoying his evening walks when everyone's tucked up for the night and he can check his perimeters and make sure we are all secure; it's his job, a job he needed and he is flourishing under Joy's careful guidance. He's loving all the yummy bones kind people have been buying him from the sanctuaries Amazon Wishlist and says a big slobbery thank you to you all and to please keep them coming! xxx <<<< Hugo kisses are the best!


A paw shake from Mr Beau Jangles...Beau's history is sketchy, his body is covered in scars and he has a badly docked tail. We suspected he had been used as a bait dog given the extent of his scars and we think he's had quite a few knocks to the head. He came from cruelty and was passed around a lot before he came to live with us at the Sanctuary....we promised we would make him smile again....mission accomplished, eh? Beau we never get tired of that gorgeous face x


Help Wanted...

The weather has been gorgeous for the last few weeks down at HQ but there is definitely a nip in the with winter in mind we are putting out an appeal for bedding and warm woollies etc....we need towels, blankets and throws (no sheets thank you) and around 200 duvets! We also need 20 or so dog coats for large to medium dogs. We are near Bridport in Dorset and would really, really appreciate any donations to help us keep the woofa's warm this winter or again please check our AMAZON WISHLIST

Thank You!

We have so many wonderful supporters who send us bits and peices and support us through our wishlist etc, we always have so many thank you's to give out and you can normally find them on our Facebook groups or pages but here's a special one. Team Keisha and Pawpers Fundraisers For Rescue sent us the money for a new SOS Haven *sniffs* They worked really hard together and in thier fabulous respective groups and raised £425 each! How wonderful is that? All those people pulling together for little old us! We truly cannot thank them enough but the animals that this haven will save will be thanks enough we many paws in need will tread over these boards in the years to come and every life saved will be because of thier members. Thank you to both amazing groups and thier big hearted members who, like us believe that every life matters....even and especially the most damaged. Please pop by and lend your support to the two wonderful groups:
Team Keisha
Pawpers Fundraisers For Rescue

Did you know that you too can sponsor a Haven here at the Sanctuary for dogs that have run out of options? A Safe Haven that will save countless animals in the years to come. A Safe-house for human/dog reactive/aggressive/abused/scarred/scared dogs who have run out of options and time. Maybe you know a company that would like to sponsor one or you would like to club together with friends, family or a group? Sponsoring a Haven costs £250 and you can have what you like on your plaque which would make a great birthday present or even memorial to a loved one. These Haven's are a lifeline and the more we have, the more lives we save...together, one by one until there are none.

Sponsor A Haven 

Please do get in touch if you are interested through the website or Facebook.

So that's about it for goings on...of course much more happens but we just can't fit it all in one blog. Shall we finish on a selfie from Joy and Daisy, our special lad who was rescued from a barren, sad life which left him with enormous issues? You can read his story here DAISY He's working so hard to overcome his problems and those of you that know Daisy's story will know just how very, very wonderful this picture is. Fantastic work, Joy and Daisy! x

Joy & Daisy  


We have c150 animals at the Sanctuary...we run almost entirely on donations...please think about making one to us matter how small, even the price of your daily coffee or tea will help us to keep on caring for those that need us the most. Thank you x DONATE

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Helen LLoyd