A Week of highs and lows..

The Low...

Last week after months of rain and flooding, we took a battering from the winds and we went into lock-down to ride it out. We knew there would be damage but we didn't know the extent. We have lost our Shetland shelter, the felt off the emu house, some of the expensive UV protective wind barriers off of the pack house run areas. Quite a bit of fencing and the shuttering and fascia off of two of the large pack houses. So all up about £3,000 worth of damage in just materials! This is so disheartening to us to have to yet again find money for repairs when we are trying to raise money for the Big Build. However...onwards and upwards! Everyone is safe, warm, dry and out of the elements and this weeks weather looks like it just may be kind to us. Fingers and paws crossed! 

Funny Looking Dog!

The High...

The lovely 'Dogs Monthly' did an article on us for thier April edition and we are now in print! The two page spread highlights our big build plans and what we are all about and we are crossing everything that it will give our fundraising a boost. We really need that build if we are going to keep saving the lives of animals with no where else to go! please think about supporting us by sharing our website, pages, groups and appeals and perhaps making a donation or raising funds for us..every penny is a penny closer to our goal. Huge thanks to Dogs Monthly, we really appreciate your support.

Dogs Monthly Magazine DM Article

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