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We provide forever homes for domestic, farm and wildlife animals
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We have approximately 150 animals which includes over 100 dogs
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Happy Beginnings
At The Sanctuary there are no endings, just Happy New Beginnings.
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Our Dream Becomes Reality And All Because Of You
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The 'Nobody Dogs' and the sanctuary
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  • About Us
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A Week In The Life!

Here we go with the weeks updates and news!

Joy moves so fast and does so much it can be hard to keep up with her but here goes!

It's been a mega busy week, we've had visitors and deliveries and Dave has been working like a trojan to shore things up, repair damages and build dog houses. We've had Teresa, Ben and Em in for dog working sessions and today we are having a sausage visit from Sheralyn! The dogs are flying in to haven's and out to foster and the pigs are being moved! Phew!

First up....Meet Mr Beau Jangles!

The Beautiful Mr Beau Jangles arrived on Sunday, kindly transported by Gee Jones. He falls under Cathy Holding and was second on list for PTS. He is battle scarred, has got some complex issues and should he not be suitable for re-homing in the summer a Sanctuary Place is lined up for him elsewhere. He's had a really tough time and we will be blogging on him individually later in the week. For now...he is settled and safe.

Our auction for the pocket money gang raised an amazing £1074.85 and thanks to the auction supporters Noel, Jess, and Soza are all booked in for neutering next week :) Sheralyn has a raffle and other bits planned so please pop but the Fundraising Group and join in the fun! The care of the Gang falls to the Sanctuary without whom they would all have been put to sleep...we are always in need of funds for them so if you have any spare pennies Soza, Noel, Jess and Chloe would really appreciate it :) Just click the link for info on them and to donate the easy way: The Gang

Diaries/Updates In Brief:

There are some dogs in SOS that we have to work so slowly with that the news is very little each week so we apologise if the updates on them seem scant. We are all about the dogs...we go at the dogs speed and this for some like Charlie, Danny and Mia means minuscule steps forward but we are sure you will agree; the most important thing is that they ARE moving forward in a place of safety and at their own pace towards a better future.

Keisha enjoyed meeting Ben and Em in her Haven and having some treats and although a little worried as she can be when meeting new people she was a good girl and took it in her stride. As she can be nervous meeting new people and dogs we always do this in the same set way so she knows whats coming and at a pace that suits her.

We are looking for an experienced foster home for this very special girl. Keisha is a Shar pei X Akita. She is 3 yrs old, neutered and vaccinated. She's been with us for rehab as she was a very scared girl. She will be ready to leave in 4 to 5 weeks to start her new life. She will need a foster home where she is the only pet and no small children. She comes with a full assessment on how to help keep moving forward and full rescue support. If you feel you could help this pretty girl then please get in touch. Fostering really does save lives. She comes under Marleys Dog Rescue or please feel free to use our contact form for more details.

Jasper has had a really positive week, interacting with dogs and more humans unmuzzled, please note it is only under rehab Jasper would meet people and dogs when out and about without a muzzle. He has as we thought moved from instantly reacting with fear aggression to dogs and immense bite risk to new humans when he first arrived to now being able to meet new people and dogs in a managed, positive way with no aggression and taking it in his stride. Jaspers time with us is coming to an end and he will be going into foster/EB c19th March. Good lad Jasper!

The lovely Benson went off to foster and is doing well! Keep it up Benson...we are so proud of you x

Navi left us and went back into foster with BRNGB....she's doing great but is still looking for her permanent foster. If you are interested you can read about her here BRNGB Navi

Charlie is like a little mouse, he has a rigid routine that we stick to every day in his house and run. Since we changed his position in the yard a few weeks back, he spends much of his day sat in his outside bed watching the comings and goings of the SOS yard, taking it all in and watching the dogs going in and out. He is loving going out in the play area now and he's looking forward to his sausage visit today from Sheralyn Stuckey who he's met a few times.

Our Sanctuary boy Dexter enjoyed some people visits this week when he saw Em and Ben and loved the attention! Ben was so smitten he was considering sneaking him home...Hmmmm we have our eye on Ben!

SOS INBOUNDS.....Justin and Patch are still inbound. They were due in this weekend but we are just waiting on transport to be finalised and they will be here in the next week or so. Justin is a new Pocket Money Gang member. He is an "at risk" case that for a while wont be having his full pictures up. He's a poundie that was thrown from a vehicle and was subsequently bounced around from pillar to post. He will have a safe home here with us and we look forward to meeting him soon and showering him in sanctuary love. Scoobie who falls under Marley Dog Rescue is due in on the 19th of March, he is swapping places with another of their dogs Frank. We have a queue of desperate rescues with dogs waiting to come in and use our unique rehab service but we only have so much space until the BIG BUILD is complete so for those dogs we could be saving please keep sharing our appeals and think about making a donation to the BIG BUILD.....every single penny counts.

Everyone else is coming along well and in their own time and just generally relaxing into the routine of sanctuary life.

Some Thank You's!

Thanks to Pets at Home we have a months worth of food safely in our food bins, Joy picked up a tonne and a half of feed today which was much needed as one of our usual large food donators has gone off line for a few months. We also have more dog and cat food to pick up from another amazing supporter this week. Thank you to Judy Brooker for the giant dog bed...Oli the German shepherd sends thanks and licks...he loves it! And Julie-Anne Moore thank you so much for all the bones, the SOS CREW loved them x

We've had lots of donations coming in and our BIG BUILD Fund is starting to grow.....have you been watching the thermometer on the home page of the website? It jumped up a bit this weekend....we had gentleman supporter who came up on the weekend and had a good look around the sanctuary and we spoke about the BIG BUILD plans and he is going to support us all he can and so very, very kindly gave Joy a cheque for the BIG BUILD savings account for a whopping £ amazing is that! We now have c3.2k which breaks ground and gets the diggers in in April/May time when we can start groundwork's and be on our way to creating more haven's which will save more dogs! 

So that's a very small peek at life at the sanctuary this past can be complicated and the comings and goings of dogs can get confusing but please take a look around the website to acquaint and equip yourself with who and what we are...join us on Facebook, on our groups and page and please keep supporting us and the unique lifeline we offer to animals and dogs with nowhere else to go.

One By One Until There Are None x

Last word goes to Joy "Spent the morning getting all the dogs out in the play area and doing morning rounds; they have loved the sun! Finished off by sitting in Oli's dog bed with him for ten minutes, Oli is my grounding dog. Everyone on the SOS yard has new toys and and they have been having a right old time this morning coming back to new treasures they can call their own......dogs are so amazingly simplistic, I love their ability simply just "to be" ...I have the best job in the world. Mr Beau Jangles is settling in really well and is beside himself having 4 toys to call his own bless him xxxx"

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