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About Us
We provide forever homes for domestic, farm and wildlife animals
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A Bit More About Us
We have approximately 150 animals which includes over 100 dogs
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Happy Beginnings
At The Sanctuary there are no endings, just Happy New Beginnings.
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Realising A Dream
Our Dream Becomes Reality And All Because Of You
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From The Heart
The 'Nobody Dogs' and the sanctuary
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  • About Us
  • A Bit More About Us
  • Happy Beginnings
  • Realising A Dream
  • From The Heart

Closing Our Doors For A While But Never Our Hearts

Due to the demands of daily costs and the need to raise funds for new housing the Sanctuary is unfortunately unable to take any more dogs for a while..

Please Help Us To Help Them

"I am really sad to announce that we have had to shut the doors to new SOS REHAB DOGS completely at this stage and we have also closed the waiting list. I have the space but I don't have the havens and there are just too many dogs needing our help. We need funds for the planned new SOS Havens for Phase 2 of the build. Without the havens I can’t open the doors again or the list until July/August at the earliest because I don't have the havens and my first priority has to be with and for the care of my existing animals. The Rescue Rehabs that come in are funded by their rescues and I'm using those fees to enable us to complete the first phase of the build which is great but I also have c90 other dogs, 150 sanctuary animals in all to care for and feed and for which I rely heavily on donations. Over the last few months I have also taken in even more 'at risk' dogs which had run out of options and their care falls entirely on the shoulders of the sanctuary. Each haven costs approximately £800 and until the BIG BUILD savings account is replenished from Phase 1, I simply can’t open the doors this summer. I've put it off hoping for a miracle and I am heartbroken to say this and to be saying NO from today but I have to. I don’t know how many dogs lives I affect doing this... 10? 20? 100? Even one is too many but we need funds to help these guys, the ones that humans have abused, abandoned, cheated out of a home, a forever HOME and I just can't keep rescuing until the build is done and it breaks my heart that only money stands between them and a chance at life with me. I physically feel the blow of cutting off their last chance, their last hope for rehab and any hope of moving one day to their forever's an incredibly tough decision to make when I know instead they will end up at the vets because their rescues have no choice or their time just ran out. So please carry on being part of life for the SOS dogs, they need you, they need funds, we need funds to be able to carry on saving them, it's as simple and as complex as that."

If you would like to help, donation details are here:

You can donate with just a few clicks through the website here: DONATE Cheques are payable to BSAS & posted to J Keys, 3 Templemans Ash, Bridport, Dorset, DT6 5NX. Bank Transfer to Natwest, BSAS, 60-06-24 / 36564737 

"SOS DIARIES These are just some of the guys we can and are helping…that now stand a chance, and you all had a part in this by helping me to create 15 SOS HAVENS. You've seen the success stories of dogs moving into foster and homes, dogs that now have a chance at life, a home and that is because of you; I did the work but I could not do it without you. Every penny you raise or donate goes towards saving a life."

Beau and Rena..


"Sheralyn Stuckey was up to see some of the SOS dogs and had great fun playing with Beau who is playing naturally now, albeit not really with toys so much but buckets and containers LOL he is calming down and less mouthy and generally having a whale of a time. Mia came out to for treats and play time and is bursting for a foster home where she can continue her journey with Sam Madasabee and LCH Rescue. Rena loved seeing Sheralyn again and was very brave and bouncy and full of fun. And finally Charlie came out for his usual burn about and felt relaxed enough to take treats and eat them in front of her again.
Sandra Umfreville was also up and again Rena was out and sitting and leaning on her and daring to be brave, she just wants to feel she is safe and accepted and then she is yours, the loveliest of dogs with an amazing personality. Beau came out to play fetch, he is actually the dog that has the best recall LOL out of them all with toys. Harley our newbie was delighted with treats and playing and fuss and loved the attention. We re still to see Harleys tantrum / cheeky side. Bessie had a waddle about, taking in the air and accepting lots of hands on fuss in her stride."

Benny and Lola..


"Teresa Green and I have been spending time with Benny out playing and working and have been concentrating on his dog reaction mooching about the yards on a lead passing various dogs, he s been good as gold with food not batting an eye when it’s taken away and swapped or treats slowly given for sits.
Noel and Chloe have been out for play time and Noel too is dying for a foster home now to carry on his journey. Chloe loves bounding about and playing and has a great sense of humour. She is doing well on her dog reaction work. Lola is coming into herself totally now, she is on the SOS yard with the boys, being brave, not guarding her kennel or food and coming out for meets and greets each week. Lola you could say now smiles, she s happy in her own skin which is fab.
Soza has been doing great with his animal and dog reaction work and having moved now to the very top yard gets to see lots of cats and small peoples which is good for him and neutralising the chase instinct a little."

Mia and Dexter..


"Mr Jenkins (Justin) is moving very slowly forward with his dog reaction work but is bounding forward feeling safe with humans and close contact. He loves his free play but does eye up the fence tops at 6 ft so he s a cheeky one to watch lol.
Danny and I have been having great free play time, we (Teresa and i) just work together with no one else ATM Danny is Danny and has come as far as he can for the time being. He is our cuddle bug of a boy and loves the interaction with his accepted peoples . To have a dog so aggressive and mistrusting of humans love and accept you is a privilege and so humbling and Danny for sure keeps my feet on the ground."

Samson and Chloe..


"Little Sam as we know was at the vets this morning and I start work with him tomorrow properly now that we can be together safely with my new safety clothing. The clothing does make a difference to Sam as he does not get the same reaction from me as to when I was without it, this morning trying to get his muzzle on for the vets he got a hold of my sweatshirt but its bite proof and hence no reaction from me and Sam let go. Sam will be, I hope one of our hardest cases, due to his severe bite and hang on reactions when he loses his temper….but we are armed and prepared and trying everything we can with this baby whose not even a year old. And I don’t hope this not because of the aggression but I never wish to see a dog so messed up by humans to this degree."

Bessie and Charlie..


"Dylan our Basset arrival from yesterday is just chilling today and has been good for strokes and fuss very carefully but you do need quick reactions bless him even though he is deaf and partially sighted he s quick as a flash bless him.
Boris has had a fun few days, just having play and free time with me and will be working again with Sandra this week and slowly we can expand his circle of peoples so that new peoples become the norm and accepted without lunging and growling.
Scoobie has been virtually fearless with new people including men and we re still working with these things with the aim he moves to foster at the end of this month to carry on his journey in a domestic environment."

Patch and Scoobie..


"I work with most of these guys each day, their new learning and ways of life we re introducing form part of our normal day, each dog has its own type of day depending on the issues we re working with….those that are fearful to touch get lots of touch work, those that are resource guarders play regular swopping games for treats with precious items they hold onto. The reactives slowly worked with so that triggers become more neutral and desensitised. It’s a daily, little by little slow process at their pace . There are no pressures here, no expectations, a dog can only be the dog he can become when given the right tools, environment, love and time and all of those are in abundance here. That my dog loving friends is what the SOS HAVENS are all about and why we need more. Every haven can potentially safe so many lives over time……help me save them please. Joy xxxx"

Soza and Noel..


One by one until there are none. Please help us to help them DONATE

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