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We provide forever homes for domestic, farm and wildlife animals
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We have approximately 150 animals which includes over 100 dogs
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Happy Beginnings
At The Sanctuary there are no endings, just Happy New Beginnings.
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Realising A Dream
Our Dream Becomes Reality And All Because Of You
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The 'Nobody Dogs' and the sanctuary
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Festive Thank You's! Our Wishes Came True..

Rex Opening His Christmas Box

As anyone in rescue knows, this time of year is extremely hard emotionally and financially as more and more animals are handed in. As a sanctuary we are bombarded daily with requests to take in dogs for a variety of reasons and although we do our very best to help as many as we can, inevitably we have to say no to many others which is heartbreaking when we are made aware ( in no uncertain terms ) that there is no other chance for them. Everything escalates at this time of year as the old and sick are dumped for the new and the pressure on us all is overwhelming but if you know anything about us as a Sanctuary you will know that we always try to see the positive in life and focus on the good that goes on around us and for us and thank goodness that is also something that increases at this time of year and we have a few Christmas thank you's to make!

However, firstly it's important to say that we are always deeply moved by the continual support we receive from so many people throughout the whole year and it is a simple fact that it is that support that enables us to keep running and to feed, house and care for our 150 Sanctuary dogs and countless other animals. So to all those who support our auctions, raffles, scratchcards, bonus balls and general fundraisers. To the groups like Milo's Mission and Pawpers whose admin and members help us regularly. To the small businesses on Facebook who regularly send us a percentage of thier sales (Sue Russell, Michelle Corbett, Stephanie Tucker and Sarah Jackman to name a few). To wonderful ladies like Helen Tyler and Jacqueline Hawkins Dunford who organised stalls and tabletop sales and raised £130 and £106 respectively for the sanctuary. To fellow rescues and thier supporters who think of us when they are collecting bedding and food etc. To amazing ladies like Frances Bower who collects donations of beds and food etc and set us up with regular and vital donations from the wonderful ZooPlus. To Support Adoption For Pets for the food and thier much needed support. To the tireless Phil Lyons-John for always being there and for bringing so many desperate animals into safety with us at the sanctuary. To all of our fabulous neighbours for thier support and especially the Rowe Family who help us in so many ways bringing in haulage, straw and supplies and providing our water. To our 'handyman' Dave O'Brian without whom we really don't know what we would do who has spent the last three years of his weekends building, repairing and digging and all whilst enduring Khan's constant taunts! To Jeff Slough for the website we could not live without that has done so very much for us as a charity and helped the animals in so many ways and Lynda Stanworth for the scratchcards and Sheralyn Stuckey for the raffles, jumble sales, auctions and cakes and for thier unstinting, enduring friendship. To those who share and cross-post, send donations (monetary and physical) and those that sponsor our dogs, volunteer and help in so many ways.....Thank you, it's because of YOU that we are able to save so many souls in desperate need x

Now back to Christmas...

A Happy Day Taking Delivery Of The Christmas Boxes
 We ran our own appeal for gifts for the dogs and we received well over 40 virtual boxes through our Sanctuary Store here on the website and many more were posted to us ready for the dogs to open on Christmas morning. Team Poundie also made us part of thier annual Shoebox Appeal and Suzanne Driscoll and Catherine Allard and thier team worked extremely hard to gather donations and put us together 150 boxes, one for every sanctuary dog! It look three car trips to deliver them all to us last week and we would like to send massive thanks to Team Poundie, all of the kind people and supporters who donated and of course to Suzanne for the mammoth task she undertook and for giving up her house to all the boxes for weeks!
We've also had gifts and shoeboxes full of goodies from ex owners and rescues who have placed thier dogs into sanctuary and rescues have been sending in toys and treats for thier dogs on rehab.

 We have had extra donations of food, bedding, beds, treats and toys from so many. We have had monetary donations, ASDA and TESCO deliveries of food and snacks and even some chocky for the people with two legs (very gratefully received!) and we have had coats, beds, treats and food ordered from our Amazon Wishlist and lots of virtual shops through our own Sanctuary Store. We've also been spoilt with cards and lovely Christmas messages.

A special mention and thanks must go to Sally Larcombe for her sheer stamina alone! Sally knitted her fingers sore and sold circa 64 Christmas Pudding Hats; raising an amazing £354.07 helping us to buy food for winter. 

We also had some very generous Christmas donations from some very special people who have become constants to the sanctuary over the last couple of years and who have enabled us to do far more than we dreamed. Thanks to your big hearts this year we have not only been able to keep going but we have also been able to purchase some new haven's and a state of the art 8 zone surround sound music system which will run throughout the entire sanctuary and help the dogs with behavioural problems and even those that don't will love it. 

The dogs have all had some treats already and they ALL have something to open on Christmas morning which is what we most thank you, to each and every one of you for making our wish come true and for spoiling the dogs, they so deserve it. Your amazing generosity has made Christmas very special for them and for us. So all that's left to say is we hope you and your families have a very merry and peaceful Christmas, thank you for your wonderful support and lets save some more lives in 2018....together one by one until there are none.

Joy, Sam and the Sanctuary Team x

P.S Look out for more pictures after Christmas!

A New Venture For The Sanctuary
A Sad Day Precedes A New Beginning

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One By One Until There Are None

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Helen LLoyd