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We have approximately 150 animals which includes over 100 dogs
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March Eggstavaganza!

Volunteers, Vets, Vinnie and Brad Pitt..

A fairly quiet week at the Sanctuary, the sun came out and all the animals got to play outside in the idyll which is their home. Then, just as we were thinking spring, 'Katie' came along with a whoosh! The winds were pretty bad last night but for once we seem to have come away unscathed with just some surface damage and a bit of mess to clean up. Our poor cast piggy got a couple of visits from the vet and it was not looking great but she seems to be on the mend now. She's drinking again, her skin looks good and she got up on her own for the first time today which is a relief to Joy's knees and back as lifting and moving three quarters of a tonne is not a breeze even with Dave's help! Joy does most of the work at the sanctuary on her own but this week she welcomed a couple of regular volunteers...hurrah! Tina Raymond of BDUK Rescue and Sandra Umfreville who has a natural empathy and understanding of rescue and behaviourally effected dogs. This will be invaluable to the fear reactive and nervous dogs and give them continuity. Here is the lovely Tina meeting a few of the Rommies last week; Fetita, Billy and Sky...we think they liked her LOL!

Tina & The Rommies 

And so to the diaries...

All the guys and gals are doing well so not much to report but all getting gold stars..Soza, Charlie, Chloe and Patch who has been very polite with Sheralyn's visits and will be meeting Sandra tomorrow. ..

Soza Charlie

Chloe Patch

New girl, Rena arrived last week. She falls under Boxer and Bully Saviours. She is fear reactive with humans and dogs and is a very scared and nervous girl. She put on her brave pants and met Sheralyn for treats this week and will be meeting Sandra tomorrow. She is getting bolder and has settled in the yard really well. She loved the play area today and is leaning in for cuddles and fuss; all really positive stuff.

Our other new girl, the lovely Lola has only been here for a few days and has settled in well . A sweet girl with guarding issues. Lola has been out for adoption and foster and sadly struggled in the home environment with new people, mainly men. She is a rommie and has been here in the UK for a while. Welcome Lola x


Our beautiful Mr Beau Jangles is doing well. He is getting better and better as each day passes and is starting to understand what love and cuddles are all about. Sheralyn visited with her sausages again this week and when she went in with him he was a lot calmer....we think Sheralyn might be in love...again... Beau loves his toys, we don't think he has ever had any but this week we discovered his favourite game is bed stacking; he drags his beds about and stacks them in various positions and has great fun whilst doing it. We see a future career in interior design for this lad!

Beau Mr Beau

Danny who was always intended for a sanctuary space has come as far as he can go now, he will never be suitable for a domestic environment, not even with a very special foster or adopter as he would be too at risk. He is a dangerous dog and still has his instant attack instincts. Despite everything, he is an amazing lad but the damage done has made him the boy he is today. He is the cuddliest, most loyal, soppy fella when he trusts you and an amazing lad and holds a very special place in Joy's heart. Progress has been limited and slow with him but once you are in Danny's heart you stay there. He will be in his sanctuary by the summer x


Samson and Scoobie, our new lads now live together in a haven having been carefully paired up. Scoobie comes from a multi dog foster and Samson loves buddies too. Samson has human reactive issues when overly excited and grab bites and Scoobie is reactive to new people and has been good as gold passing highly reactive dogs here. They have had a good week together, little Samson is only 7 months and Scoobie is very patient with him and a good calming influence as Sam is very OTT.Samson has behaved so far and no grab biting. And Scoobie will be meeting Sandra tomorrow. Scoobie was good as gold with Sheralyn Stuckey as was Sam xxx Good lads

Sam & Scoobs


Maggie and William are both doing great in emergency boarding. Maggie has been there a couple of weeks now and building a good rapport with the kennel staff. William arrived just this week and has been a good lad and is starting to build a connection with Sadie and finding his feet. Looking forward to meeting both when their spaces become available.

Maggie William

We also have one Mr Vinnie.. 

Following an isolated incident involving another dog, Vinnie was seized last year under the Dangerous Dogs Act and has been kennelled ever since awaiting court. Vinnie and his owner are represented by Wheldon Law. He is subject to full owner surrender as the court are highly unlikely to return Vinnie to his owner and there are no family or friends able to care for him. His only chance is if the court will allow him to come and live at The Sanctuary. Quite simply, we are his lifeline and last chance to live. As our name and the service we offer is getting 'out there' Joy is being asked to take on more and more dogs with literally nowhere else to go ...The gorgeous Vinnie is an ambull x staff, just 4 years old. The plan, if the court allows, will be to move him into Emergency Boarding straight after his court hearing, have transport waiting on the day to move him and of course his forever bachelor pad here where he will need his own house and run. Vinnie is unfunded and his care and costs will fall to the sanctuary. This week we raised £1,000 and his house is now on order and will be all ready for him to move in when the court makes it's decision.


Other News..

It's eggpensive looking after 150 plus animals (yep I nearly got through it without an Easter joke)

We continue to actively fundraise for the BIG BUILD and have had some lovely donations in this's fun watching the thermometer on the website slowly going up...only another 90 odd grand to go! We have an EVENT going on Facebook to raise the money for one SOS Haven and we are just over half way there; could you give up just one cup of coffee to save a life? Sheralyn's Blanket Auction did well and we will now start taking donations of items for our massive SPRING AUCTION which will start in May so make sure to join our Fundraising Group so you don't miss out on all the fun and we have a scratchcard running on there too for our permanent residents and there is always something to look at. 

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And that's about it this week I think...a few lives saved...nothing out of the ordinary for The Birkett-Smith Sanctuary so shall we finish as we started with a beautiful pic of one of our Rommie's...the stunning Rojo.


Happy Easter everyone!

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