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We provide forever homes for domestic, farm and wildlife animals
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We have approximately 150 animals which includes over 100 dogs
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Happy Beginnings
At The Sanctuary there are no endings, just Happy New Beginnings.
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Realising A Dream
Our Dream Becomes Reality And All Because Of You
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From The Heart
The 'Nobody Dogs' and the sanctuary
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  • About Us
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  • Realising A Dream
  • From The Heart

Prepare To Have Your Heart Stolen!

And don't say I didn't warn you....

Last week Joy messaged me and said...."I'm making room for one and unfunded." In reply to this I usually tut a bit, shake my head and ask "How Bad?" However given the fact that I know we are full I thought it better not to was clear that somebody special was coming in.....somebody only Joy could help...

And I was right.....Fraser was 'at risk' on Facebook and needed a rescue space due to turning reactive and aggressive with his owner. The neighbours children were unable to play in their garden as Fraser lived outside and was starting to eat through the garden wall. He had a tether area in his garden and some shelter but was living without love and was un-socialised with humans. Unsurprisingly he took up an intense guarding role to the point he was turning on his owner. We don't actually know if he was taught, trained or pushed into this role but it really didn't matter; he needed out. Nicola Brooks Belcher of Last Hope Rescue took this boy and offered him safety and our good friend Gaynor Forman kindly went to assess him at his 'home' and had before her a very scared and highly reactive, snarling, crazy lad that would not even allow her into his space. After discussion with Gaynor it was decided that Frazer needed more than a rescue, he needed sanctuary...he needed us. We had minimal time to get him moved for obvious reasons and for safety we sent in a handler to collect him. Meanwhile his rescue, Last Hope had to raise funds quickly for special wall panelling to line his house here as he eats through brick and this was raised by their amazing supporters in record time. We were under such tight time constraints, the panels were installed just half an hour before his arrival a couple of days ago. He was so aggressive when he arrived he required sedation to unload him safely and move him into his space, something only the worst affected dogs need and something we only use as a last resort. To be frank, it did not look particularly good.

Whilst he was coming round from his sedative Joy sat with him, making a fuss of him, stroking and chatting to him, telling him it was ok, that he was safe, that he was home....

Next time my messenger pinged it was a tearful Joy sending me a video clip with the message "Dogs never cease to amaze and astound me, look at my Frazer who we had to sedate to get out of the transport! Take a dog out of a toxic environment and make him safe and you have a different dog .....humbling to see."
Gaynor's words on seeing the video were "Who is that dog and what did you do with Frazer?!"

So take a look for yourselves and prepare to lose your heart to a dog that never needed us more......

So now we have wiped our tears it's time for the business end.....did I mention he came in fast and un-funded? He has his space but he needs vet treatment. He has cherry eye, it's emphasised on the video by the sedative, he has medication for this and in a few weeks he will be getting treatment for it. At the same time we will need to get him neutered so we need to raise £400 for him and of course he is looking for sponsors. Anything that you could donate or spare for him in sponsor would as always be very gratefully received.



Frazer is still a baby, just 2 years old, if that...terrified and does not even know what a bed is for and we can only imagine what those first two years have been like for him but that's his past. He now has a life and a future here with us and he is safe and he will be loved. He is a power house of a dog, but at the end of the day he is simply a dog that has found his safe place tucked into the warm heart of the sanctuary and we will make sure that he only feels love from now on and with your help we will show him how to be the very best he can be x

Big Is Beautiful
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Helen LLoyd