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We provide forever homes for domestic, farm and wildlife animals
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We have approximately 150 animals which includes over 100 dogs
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At The Sanctuary there are no endings, just Happy New Beginnings.
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Our Dream Becomes Reality And All Because Of You
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The 'Nobody Dogs' and the sanctuary
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Round Up And SOS News

Here is a round up of this weeks news and a chance to catch up on all the SOS Diaries. The lovely Sheralyn came to visit and she brought along some sausages!


SOS DIARY....JASPER.....Jasper came to us due to his human reaction and aggression. Being a Romanian Dog his fear of people is totally natural due to the way of life in Rom. He was very reactive to me when he first came as many of the human aggressive / reactives are and it took a week or so for me to be able to go in with him. Thankfully he loved Teresa and so she was able to introduce him to the SOS way of life as a friend and reassurer. Anyways we are best buddies now and he is so much better with meeting new people and much less reactive, he now watches and takes in a new situation rather than reacting to it instantly. Well Jasper will shortly be ready for his new foster . He falls under Yasmine Moss and Michelle Moss at their rescue Angels for Dogs . Jasper is a bundle of fun, loves games, playing, digging lol and once he chooses his humans he loves them and will always love them. Jasper need plenty of time to meet new people and new dogs and as long as he is given this he is able to accept new people and woofas. His full assessment and notes will be going to Yasmine and Michelle next week.


SOS DIARY....CHARLIE....has had a fab week, he's been out in the play area and also meeting new woofa people safely from inside the play area. He had some sausages off Sheralyn Stuckey when she visited but the pics are very unclear as it was the end of the day and when you have the phone in sport mode, the flash won't work! lol. Charlie loves having a duvet day and brings his duvets outside ....and why not i say make your self comfortable Charlie Boy xxx


THE POCKET MONEY GANG DIARY....SOZA, NOEL AND CHLOE , these guys are doing great. Noel is now indoors in the SOS BARN as he is so underweight. But he is eating very, very well, has started accepting fuss and cuddles and is now playing with toys and generally coming out of himself and looking forward to human contact. The gorgeous Chloe is just a cuddle bug and loves her food. She loved all the sausages from Sheralyn and she is so friendly with people. Soza just adored meeting Sheralyn (pic above) and spent half the time on his back for cuddles in between eating sausages lol. The pocket money gang are all poundies that were due to be PTS and are now safe here although unfunded and they rely on their aunts and uncles to send them some spends.


SOS DIARY...HARRY...his last week formally on SOS, he was sooo wriggly this was the clearest pic of Harry pants we could get! A big sausage fan xxx


SOS DIARY - KEISHA....Keisha had lovely meet and greet with Sheralyn and really enjoyed her sausages, she can worry about new people and so its great for her to do this. Sheralyn is kindly back again this week to see the woofas and may well go in and see Keisha. We have also moved Keisha out of the barn and into the SOS yard, she's all snuggly in her coat and has eye and visual contact now with some other dogs which gets her socializing a little more and hanging out with a mix of dogs from a distance and place of safety. She s settling in well out there xxx Good girl


SOS DIARY - BENSON.....this lad has come a long way, he came in pretty shut down and traumatised unable to cope with normal basic daily life. He falls under Marley Dog Rescue with Donna Eddington and Paul Eddington......he spent his first week hiding away in the safety of his haven, and slowly by watching the world going by, and us reassuring him he grew braver and expanded his world a little to come outside, and from there he has gained trust in humankind again and let us into his world. It all seemed to click into place with him all of a sudden when one morning I opened his haven door and out flew the Bouncy Benson. He is no longer shut down and has shot to the other end of the spectrum being a very bouncy, happy chappy, loving toys, playing, racing about in the play area. He has done well with his learning with Teresa on commands and lead work and we have just a couple of weeks of lead work left to do with him and the Bouncy Benson will be on his way. Well we will soon be taking him to the next leg of his journey with his fantastic foster home waiting for him. He ll be needing firm but careful boundary placing, reassurance and patience whilst he settles into his own puppy like skin and new way of being xxxxx Good lad Benson , welcome to a new life xxxx


SOS INBOUND....Guys meet Max, he falls under NFAR with Kim Taylor and Bev Bryan. He is a collie and very fear reactive, the world is a very scary place for this lad and new things are a big issue. Kim has brought him on a long , long way and now he is ready for his next stage of getting used to human and dog interaction in a bigger world to get him ready for the next stage of his journey to his forever home. He is due in within the next 2 weeks. See you soon Maxie xxx


SOS DIARY...MIA AND DANNY. Sorry no pics of Danny this week as when we were doing photos with Sheralyn Danny would have found that too stressful so he was'nt included although he had a handful of sausages still lol. Mia can be a little nervous and wary of meeting new people and after a little time she was very happy to have some sausages and fuss so good steps forward and again Sherlyn may well go in with her this week if Mia is feeling comfortable xxx


SOS DIARY....NAVI ...Our little Buddy has come a long way since being with us . She Is a resource guarder and took ownership of her bowls, food, toys, even people...over time she has learnt we can share, swop, take away completely and get rewarded for allowing this to happen. Navi falls under BRNGB with Sam Morgan, Sam Savage and Louise Nicholls and has a large family of supporters . Navi is now ready for the next step of her journey to her Little Buddy Couch and will be the most loyal of dogs. She has a heart if gold under her stubborn, singing outer layers and a fantastic sense of humour. She needs a home where there will be firm boundaries and ensure the caring, sharing ethos continues xxxx


FINAL SOS DIARY, SAVED THE BIGGEST TILL LAST...THE DEXTER. A monster of a cuddle bug with humans but alas not dogs. The Dexter will be staying at the Sanctuary with us and he was looking for his "chicken bricks" so we could build his forever home. He needed about 200 bricks and the big lad has some very big news! Thanks to a supporter who wishes to remain anonymous, he now has all of his bricks! So our boy is finally home and will have his forever, very own house too!

Dex's family, other than us are a few rubber chickens, ducks and one ostrich, sadly one of the rubber chickens went over rainbow bridge this week and he didn't fly as he had lost a wing Amazon have kindly sent another one with a friend, the ostrich so Dex is most relieved he has his chookies and birds back. He has been celebrating by flinging them around his run, smacking himself round the face with them and generally getting them into orbit. He is going to love his new home x


We are all geering up for THE BIG BUILD and getting our hard hats on for the task of raising 50k to upgrade and enlarge. Join us for the's going to be huge! But meanwhile we have an auction underway on our Funraising Group and The Pocket Money Gang are asking for last minute auction donations. The auction officially starts on Sunday and runs for 2 weeks. All money raised will pay for neutering costs for Soza, Chloe and Noel. Also just as important as donations, we need more bidders! Please pop by and give us your support HERE


"The great thing about the ending......because when the dogs arrive there are tears, when they go there are tears....but when they move onto their new foster or forever home....well that's happy tears and that is what it's all about."


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