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We provide forever homes for domestic, farm and wildlife animals
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We have approximately 150 animals which includes over 100 dogs
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At The Sanctuary there are no endings, just Happy New Beginnings.
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Sanctuary Shenanigans

Round ups, low-downs, cast and crew and a well deserved brew..

Busy week does not even cover it...I'm pretty sure Joy runs on Duracell! This week she's been tending to a cast (see what I did there?) piggie, Eve who is now resting and recovering in a special pen. Poor Eve could not get up with her sore leg so she is under the vet now, on pain meds and will hopefully be feeling a lot more comfortable soon. And she, Joy has been bobbing here there and everywhere visiting fosters, picking up dogs, supplies and materials...oh yeah and saving a few lives as she goes!

We've started the big build today...we can't wait any longer so we are going to stage build as the money comes in; we need more haven's and we need them now/yesterday with so many rescues knocking on our door for help and spaces! Today Dave and Danny are out putting up 2 more SOS havens, and fencing off the garden in readiness for it to be flattened, cleared and paved and then we will start moving the quieter packs into new housing. We have an EVENT running on Facebook where we are trying to raise the money for at least one haven. And thanks to some amazing support we are just over half way to getting a new haven which will save the lives of dogs who have run out of options. Please share the event and encourage your friends to forego just one brew and donate to save a life instead. A last chance is just that and with your help the sanctuary can give it to them. Today you could swap your latte for a life!

And so to the SOS crew and their snippets of news..

Danny boy, one of the most difficult dogs we have come across who, although he still has his issues is such a cuddle bug now and is happy in the peace of the sanctuary.


 Stunning Keisha is off to foster soon...we will miss her but yay!


The battered but beautiful Mr Beau Jangles is very well. He is far less fearful and starting to be calm enough to enjoy cuddles and have his lead on which are all massive steps in his long journey back to being the boy we know he can be. Good lad, Beau.

Mr Beau Mr B

Our new girl, Maggie who we are helping to fund in EB will come to us as soon as we have an SOS space. This little girl has been so good in kennels all week, she has settled in well and is doing just fine; good girl, Maggie. She says a big thank you to everyone helping with her EB fees and keeping her safe.
Maggie's mum, Mel said “Thank you everyone who has helped, we miss her so much but know she will be going somewhere safe and will be the best for her xx.”


New boy Patch has been a very friendly chap and we are working on his dog reactivity.


Mia is still up for adoption under Last Chance Hotel Rescue.


Another new boy, Samson who had to land very quickly into SOS this week into a puppy pen. Samson is a 7 month staffy cross JRT. This little lad with such a big name is 99 percent of the time a normal excitable puppy but the other 1 percent is a relentless biter that sadly has been taught, accidentally by humans that when he bit and didn't release he got a treat which led to a dangerous habit being formed when he reaches high energy or excitement levels. He has come to us from The Pineapple Pet Sanctuary as he was putting humans at risk and he basically needs retraining and Pineapple are doing all they can to find him a way forward to dog hood from puppy-hood. The little man was feeling a bit braver today and left his pen to go and sit in one of the haven's that is empty for a few days...he has lots of toys, chews and a snuggly duvet and is settling in well. Welcome Little Sam x


Scoobie Doo. Yesterday Joy picked up Scoobie and caught up with Benson who left SOS a few weeks ago and is in foster, it was great to catch up with him and to hear what a good boy he has been. They both fall under Marleys Dog Rescue. Scoobie has a range of issues and is fear reactive to both new people and dogs so he will be spending his first few days chilling and settling into SOS whilst we get to know each other. He brought all his favourite toys and special duvet with him to make him feel at home. He's been out and about today and is settling in well. So far he has had little reaction to other dogs and he is a lovely chap who is going to be a smasher x


Not only did the seriously gorgeous Simba get a new mummy this week he is getting some weight on, a wonderful shine to his coat and generally looking and feeling loved and looking a little happier don't you think? Way to go our lad x Oh and sssshhhh don't tell him he is booked in for neutering this week!


We mentioned in a past blog about a little fluffy fella who was coming indoors in SOS because he has 'bitey' temper tantrums. Well he is doing great! We are 3 weeks tantrum free on Monday, we have upped the anti on his treasures (treats and belongings) and have been sharing treasures and swapping and we are so proud of him. He can't be photographed just yet as he was a PTS that was saved and he will be here a while longer yet but good man little gremlin xxx

And then there is Charlie...coat on because it's chilly today whilst just hanging out and being an all round star and good boy.


Just a few shots of the Pocket Money Gang busy enjoying life...Noel, Chloe out and about today 

Noel Chloe

and Soza having cheeky sausages with Auntie Sheralyn last week..they never fail to make us smile...


Other news..

Thank you's this week to Alison Pearson for the Good Boy chews, very kind. Lorraine Walshe for the coat that arrived and is perfect and very snuggly for Simba - thank you so much. Barbara Harmer, thank you for the posh human biscuits...I believe Joy scoffed the lot! Lynn Muggridge, thank you for the massive box of chews, they will be very happily received by the SOS gangs x Also someone kindly dropped off 2 dog beds and bowls and doggie bits at my sisters house last week! Thank you so much xxx And huge thanks to all those, to numerous to name who have made donations towards the upkeep of the sanctuary and our new build this week...every penny really does count and we are humbled by anything anyone gives us for the care of the animals nobody wanted...but oh how they are loved now!

We always need bits and bods here at the sanctuary with in excess of 150 animals to care for so do please check our MUCH NEEDED list here on the website and also our Amazon WISHLIST Again everything and anything is very gratefully received.

Sheralyn's blanket auction on our Fundraising Group did very well and raised £250 for us which was amazing. Thank you to all those who took part, we have a dog coat sale coming soon so watch that space!

Oh and guess what? You can now show your support for us and create interest by using one of our wonderful and fabulous downloadable Facebook Cover pictures! How ace is that?! Cover Pics


We are literally full to bursting and the more people that hear about us and the unique service we offer the more rescues we have knocking on the door to help give a dog a last chance. We are slowly getting waiting list dogs into havens, with the building of new ones giving us 13 in all and some dogs leaving. But the waiting list now is till June/July so the only way we can help others and offer a space is if they are placed into EB whilst they wait. This is not ideal as the EB cost has to be covered by a rescue and full RBU given until they can come in. We simply can't help any more until the big build is done and we increase to 20 spaces. So this is where the brew comes in again SWAP YOUR LATTE FOR A LIFE and donate to us today.



One by One we can save them but only with your help....please help us to fund another space and another lifeline for not only those already knocking at the door but for those faceless, nameless, unloved and unwanted woofa's that will need us in the years to come. Please Donate today even a pound can make all the difference; it really can.

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