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At The Sanctuary there are no endings, just Happy New Beginnings.
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The 'Nobody Dogs' and the sanctuary
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That Was The Week That Was

Busier than ever over at the Sanctuary

Dogs coming in and out and rescues knocking on the door for spaces! So without further ado lets get into the weeks news.....

First up, Meet The Seriously Gorgeous Simba!

Last week a post went viral around FB about Simba....he was as close to being put to sleep as a dog can get because of his extreme behaviours but unfortunately we had no space! However....his little face spoke to us over and over and he just pulled and pulled on our heartstrings so yesterday we dug deep in an empty pot and found the money to buy him a new haven.....So as of yesterday this gorgeous boy got his last chance and his freedom ride to safety and will be coming to us within the next 3 weeks for an SOS space. He has his own haven and does not effect the dogs waiting to come in. He is highly fear reactive and there was some Facebook debate this week on whether he should be "allowed" to live or die due to his reactions by people external to the sanctuary family but our deep belief and ethos is that Every Dog Deserves A Chance and this lad has it now due to a team of people that have worked together to get him this. He is in EB until we can get him here and we heard from the kennels today and boy is this lad dog tired! He has literally just been eating and sleeping and having snack time. He is absolutely exhausted from his ordeal and perhaps is finally feeling safe enough to relax. He's been good as gold with the staff at the kennels, they have been interacting on a low level with him, giving him his space but allowing him to go near when he is happy to and he is a true foodie so he has been taking advantage of all the treats. He is in a quiet area and they have been very calm and quiet around him to help him relax. It is very, very early days for this lad, but great that he is getting some R&R and not reacting negatively. Good lad Simba...we can't wait to see him settle into the love of the sanctuary.

The Beautiful Mr Beau...

The Beautiful Mr Beau was saved from being put to sleep and arrived at the sanctuary a week ago. He is a suspected bait dog, he is battle scarred and has got some complex issues. Trying to take a picture of this boy is nigh on impossible as he is like a worm on a major sugar rush! However he has calmed a lot in the last week of peace at the Sanctuary and is now enjoying a good fuss and cuddle; so in our eyes he is doing great. His body is covered in the scars of his past but we hope to be able to heal the scars on his heart by showering him in love. He is off to the vets tomorrow for neutering and micro chipping. He's been loving all his new toys...the first he's ever had we think and at night he tucks them all in his bed when he goes to sleep to keep them safe. He is growing in confidence and is less fear reactive...what a brave lad....we are so proud of him!

Patch The Chippie..

Patch decided he was a carpenter (hence is new nickname) this week and tried to redesign his house and run into open plan living so he has moved into the SOS Barn. He has been super friendly and getting a lot more confident and interacting with some of the other dogs. He is eating well and slowly putting on some weight. He is good as gold now with being handled for putting coats on and generally being fussed so a positive week for Patch the Chippie. He will be meeting Sheralyn this week for sausage time and hello's. He has shown no human reactiveness at all which is fabulous. Onwards and upwards, Patch!


Charlie boy has enjoyed being outside watching the world go by this week but he does like sleeping outside too and not being shut in, so he has moved into the SOS barn so he can observe his kingdom; safe from the elements bless him. He has been really enjoying being out and about this week and blazing a trail about the play area despite the mud! Sheralyn is coming to see him again next week for sausage time as he has relaxed a lot more after seeing her a few times. Slowly slowly our little mouse with the big roar x


Keisha has been doing lead and muzzle work this week in preparation for her now being up for foster with Marley Dog Rescue , who are actually doing a home check on a prospective foster this week! So fingers crossed they match each others needs and personalities. Thank you Marleys...Keisha deserves the best!

The Pocket Money Gang...

The boys have had a momentous week at the vets with neutering and micro chipping but are all recovering really well. Chloe has been the fog horn of the yard this week letting every one know she is here! They have had quite a quiet week with the vets and everything but went out today for a romp in the play area. Chloe has been getting to meet some of the other dogs and Joy has been working on her dog interaction. Noel is now up for foster but there is more on that further down the blog so make sure to read on. We also have our other lad Justin; our 'at risk' boy. He is settling in slowly, a lovely boy albeit a little dazed and confused at the moment. We moved him into a stand alone house so he could chill out and relax a little more and he has been good as gold this week with dogs and people so all good for him too. He has been running around and is enjoying his new space...he loves sitting in the sun in his outdoor bed so we think the move got the thumbs up! The Pocket Money Gang SOS Woofa's were all poundies who were going to be put to sleep and thier care and rehabilitation have fallen to the Sanctuary to shoulder so we actively fund raise for them and any donations are very gratefully received. If you would like further information on them you can find it here  The Pocket Money Gang

Danny & Mia...

Sometimes we have to change and move with each dog and Danny needs to be here a lot longer than we anticipated. The plan was for him and Mia to go to a sanctuary together but Mia has come on in such leaps and bounds we feel one day a sofa will be hers to call her own; which is the perfect ending for her. So whilst Danny carries on here, Mia will fall under Last Chance Hotel Rescue with Sam Madasabee and she will be going up for foster very soon. Massive thanks to Sam. Meanwhile, Danny (pictured) has moved into the SOS Barn as he does not like being shut in at night and as he is now going to be with us for a while being in the barn with the longer termers will give them all a little more stability. Never mind Danny...we'll get there x

Other News And Bits...

A Follow Up...

Joy had a catch up with Donna Eddington on Benson, who left a few weeks ago for foster to see how he is doing. He is doing good and he is loving it at home and bombing around the garden and getting on with the dogs and humans really well. They are slowly expanding the size of his world and spending quality time with him, reassuring him and introdusing him slowly to new things. Well done all. This lad before he came was scared of the whole world and reactive and unable to  even be in a domestic environment so he is doing grand and slowly his world will get bigger. Benson....we are enormously proud of you xxx

And now some big thank you's!

Barbara Harmer thank you so much for the amazing toy selection, collar and treats!
Louise Nicholls, Sam Morgan and Sam Savage from BRNGB for the treats and the collars - fantastic thank you!
Molly Gorman and Glen Gorman thank you for the bedding and doggie bits and pieces very kind x
Dexter N Daisy Carson thank you so much for the treats, goodies and doggie bedding x
Terry Stormont thank you so much for the duvet!
Judy Brooker thank you too for all that great bedding x
And Joy also picked up a truck full of goodies from one of our anonymous supporters yesterday of canned cat and dog food, horse blankets, complete food and bedding - THANK YOU AS ALWAYS YOU ARE A LIFELINE TO US!

With so many animals to care for the Sanctuary always needs or used it makes no difference to us! Please check out our LIST  of much needed items and we also have our Amazon Wishlist We really appreciate anything that is donated.

Hairaising! A lovely supporter, Janet wanted to do something to raise money for our Big Build so she took the decision to sacrifice something that she loved and has worked hard for years to grow......HER HAIR! She is cutting at least 12 inches off to take her to shoulder length YIKES! Please check out her page and sponsor her. Her target is £300 which will buy 300 bricks for us. Thank you so much for doing this Janet x  Janet's Page

The Big Build Fund raising continues and our donation thermometer is slowly creeping up. We have just over £4,000 so far so only 96,000 to go! We have a new page on Facebook to help us reach our goal  BSA Sanctuary SOS Big Build Brick Bonanza  please join us and share and help us raise the money we so desperately need to keep saving the lives of animals no one else can and please, please think about making a donation...even a pound makes a difference and you can do that direct to us right here on the website! Do take a look around whilst you are here...there is lots of information on who we are and what we do at the Sanctuary.

Last but...

Two bits of amazing news *GRINS*

It's official....Noel is up for foster under the amazing rescue Last Chance Hotel with Sam Madasabee with full RBU of course. He has come so far and we are just hoping that his foster saviour is out there somewhere.


We have the best news EVER.....Little NAVI has been adopted and this is her on her forever sofa with her new Mummy! YAY !!!!!!

We are so pleased for her. And we would like to thank Sam Morgan, Sam Savage and Louise Nicholls and all at The Basset Rescue Network Of Great Britain for so very kindly donating her adoption fee of £175 to our BIG BUILD in the hopes that it will save more lives like Navi's... we are speechless, thank you xxxxxx  Good Luck Navi Noo xxxxx

What a note to finish on! And what a great present for Mother's Day.... A happy new's what we are all about. We were Navi's very last chance and now she has a second chance at life and's what our dreams are made of.

One By One Until There Are None x

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