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At The Sanctuary there are no endings, just Happy New Beginnings.

Odin's Story.


This beautiful boy fell under the lovely guys at Ruff Stuff Rescue and came in to spend some time with us to get over the fear he had initially with people. He also needed some general woofa socialising, lots of cuddles and one on one time/work. He did so well with rehab that a new home was sought and boy did he love his new mum and dad when they came to visit and it was mutual!

So he packed his little bag ready to go off to his new home on the 5th of December 2015. His bag contained new walking out gear and a little more self confidence.

Have a Happy Life Odin...we will miss you! xxx

  • Lola Sweet Lola is a Rommie and had been in the UK for a while. She had been out for adoption and foster and sadly struggled in the home environment because of her guarding issues and her fear of new people, mainly men so she came to us, under Monica Kaiser to see if we could help her with some new skills. She did really well in rehab and with the help of the other dogs in the Sanctuary her reactivity was reduced and with dilligent routines and work, her guarding issues sorted. In short she came into herself, got happy in her own skin and began to smile. So she has started on her new journey, back out into the world and into foster with a suitcase filled with new tricks to help her stay happy. Good luck sweet Lola....we will miss you but are so proud as you take your next steps to your happy new beginning xxxx
  • Mia Little Mia spent some time with us in SOS Rehab because she had fear aggression generally and struggled with adapting into the home environment. She went through 4 homes in a number of weeks on leaving the pound. She was saved by the lovely Cathy Holding and we gave her a new page and a new start. She spent 5 months with us whilst under assessment and rehab to help her with her fear/reactiveness to new things and she has did so well! She then went out to our lovely rescue partners at Last Hope Rescue for her final assessments and to look for a foster home, the impossible one that had no dogs ideally or cats and no small children simply because she had a way to go with her journey to a forever sofa. We are pleased as punch to announce that she worked her Mia magic and found her special long term foster and home *winks* and is enjoying being spoilt thoroughly. Mia finding a foster home is fantastic for her and the success is even sweeter given that it is something we thought would never happen. Happy New Beginning, Mia x
  • William William was saved from being put to sleep and kindly sponsored by an anonymous donor in EB until we had a space free at the sanctuary. Whilst in EB, as with all our dogs he started on a programme of rehab with Linda and Sadie who both work tirelessly to ensure that our EB dogs get a head start on addressing any issues. William was due to come into his space but the lovely Linda fell head over heels for him and adopted him so he now has his forever home! Yay....lucky boy William, your happy beginning has started x
  • Thor Thor (was Snoopy) came to us as an 'At Risk' lad, direct from the pound after Shelle Alders contacted us. We pulled him and took on the role of lifetime rescue back up for him. He was a total star in rehab and went out to foster which we had a feeling might become premanent. We matched him carefully and he commenced on a mission to steal his foster mum's heart by being as chatty and adorable as we always knew he could be. And of course it worked...he's irresistible! And so his name is now Thor, his paws are firmly under the couch, and he has landed in heaven! Happy life, Thor xxx
  • Rena Beautiful Rena who came in for SOS Rehab under Boxer and Bully Saviours was fear reactive with humans and dogs and generally a very scared girl. She worked really hard with us and did extremely well with her rehab and improved enough to go out for foster under her rescue...well five minutes later her fosters have failed...spectacularly :D Good luck beautiful....we are so very proud of you and all you have achieved <3 "After months of rehab at the fantastic Birkett-Smith Sanctuary, Rena went into foster, and her fabulous fosterers have decided to adopt her. BABS are beyond delighted after everything this girl has been through she has, like Cinderella, got her Happy ending." Boxer and Bully Saviours.
  • Noel Noel's story was a short but sad one. No one knew his background other than he was unwanted and may have some behavioural issues. He was saved from the pound where he was due to be PTS and came to us for assessment and hopefully to eventually get his forever home. He's almost there and is now in foster where has fitted in really well! His foster mum said "He's such a gentle giant. He's very lazy too!! His only naughty thing is jumping on the bed and pushing you out!! He's coming on so well, he loves everyone and everything except strange dogs." Good lad Noel, you have come so far for your happy beginning x
  • Soza Soza is around 2 years old, he spent the first 6 months of his life living in a drugs den where he was taught to attack and kill cats and dogs. He was beaten and used as a bait dog for 6 hellish months. He came to us unfunded and potentially permanent but he did so well in rehab! He went out to Last Hope Rescue for his last assessments and he now has his foster sofa! Yay...we are soooo proud of you, Soza...happy life little man x
  • Keisha's Story Keisha is an Akita/Sharpei Cross, she arrived in SOS Rehab in November. She needed socialisation help with all animals including dogs and some basic training and assessment . She loves people but being a big dog could be overpowering so we worked hard with her to overcome this. She did extremely well in rehab and recently went out to foster! Yay! But of course her happy beginning won't be complete until she has that forever home which we know she will find. We miss you already Keisha xx
  • Benson's Story The gorgeous Benson, a lovely lad who was really struggling with life and found it hard to cope with every day things came to us for some time to chillax, be loved and have some rehab in the hopes that we could help him overcome his fears. And it worked, he's now in foster! This boy has gone from a little rommie; scared of the world and hiding in his haven to now living in a home and getting out and about into the big wide world of wonder. His happy beginning won't be complete, however until he finds his forever family and he is actively looking! Brave lad, Benson! We are so proud of you xx
  • Navi's Story Our little buddy Navi had not had an easy time of it and developed a few issues which put her at risk. She came to us because she needed time, peace and space where she could be given a shot at a last chance. Without us, Navi's time would have run out despite the best efforts of her rescue BRNGB. Well she got it and now she is back out in the world and has her forever home! This special girl is doing incredibly well and has settled in brilliantly with her new mum who says “She greets everyone with her Navi 'hugs and kisses' which we all find so amusing-you haven't had a doggy cuddle til you've had a Navi Cuddle!” Happy Life Navi! xx


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