Saying No Is Hard

Here at the Sanctuary we take the dogs that nobody else can...we give them a lifeline and a new start....we are thier last chance. This last week we have turned down approx 3 dogs a day that need SOS spaces, not just because they need somewhere to go but because they have complex issues and there is simply nowhere else for them to go.
We are full and have 9 waiting to come in. That is 21 dogs we were unable to save because, although we have the land and space we just don't have the housing. We need another 8 SOS spaces to take us to 20.....not quite so many No's then....a little less heartache for all concerned and another 8 lives saved. Please help us to keep saving dogs that have run out of options support our BIG BUILD Campaign and buy a brick so we can build more haven's to shelter those that have nowhere else to go.....One By One Until There Are None x